My research focuses on school leadership, crisis leadership, education reform policy in marginalized communities. 
I use post-colonial and liberatory theoretical frameworks.

and Equity

With experience as an elementary school principal, Dr. Patricia has a research focus on school leadership and principal preparation.


In regards to the current COVID-19 pandemic and education, Dr. Patricia is studying how principals are responding to COVID, and how qualitative researchers interview participants who experienced crisis.


As an Afro-Boriqueña, Dr. Patricia also researches educational leadership and policy in Puerto Rico. Her dissertation critically examines “Ley de Reforma Educativa de Puerto Rico.”

Paolo Friere &

Patricia applies Paulo Freire’s ideas from his 1968 book “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” to the present day education reform in Puerto Rico in the newly released book “Reinventing Pedagogy of the Oppressed: Contemporary Critical Perspectives.”

Funded Grants

2020 AERA Division A Foster-Polite Travel Scholarship – Awarded $500

2020 AERA Leadership for Social Justice SIG Travel Scholarship – Awarded $500

New York State Department of Education and My Brother’s Keeper – Teacher Opportunity Core
– Awarded $659,000 (2015 – 2020)